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The Scotland Women in Technology Awards champion and celebrate women, and the companies and networks around them, who are achieving success in the technology industry in Scotland. The awards also celebrate the success of those in education who drive grassroots initiatives and grow the technology talent pipeline for Scotland.


Scotland has an abundance of fantastic female role models in technology, however no-one knows about them…yet. In order for us to make big changes and flood the technology talent pipeline with motivated and passionate females we need to celebrate all of the great work already being done and have an endless supply of role models for the future.

Scotland does have Technology Awards however, the female is historically underrepresented in every category. The awards will be the first of its kind dedicated to this particular audience, giving more women (and men who support women) a chance to shine in the eyes of the nation. The Awards is also a unique opportunity to showcase the great work being done in education, which is the most essential part of female technology talent pipeline. The silent runners who work tirelessly in the classrooms and lecture theatres, and those volunteers who go above and beyond to advance young women and those already in technology careers also deserve to be recognised and rewarded.


The awards are open to any individual or group operating in the technology sector or technology education in Scotland. The awards recognise those who possess the drive, commitment, and passion to further the technology agenda in Scotland. Each award category has an example profile of the type of individual or group that should be nominated.


We need to inspire more young females to study technology subjects at schools and universities, and retain and grow the female technology talent we have across all companies in Scotland. Having role models is essential to this, and awards such as this provide those role models. We want to celebrate achievements that have not had the proper platform before, and socialise the nominees and winners widely across Scotland to inspire others.


Award Category Nominee Guidance
One to Watch Young female in education/further education/apprenticeship with passion and drive for technology and innovation
Rising Star A young woman (aged 26 or below) who is making a significant contribution to technology in Scotland and epitomises the technology role model for Scotland
Primary Teacher of the Year A teacher, or careers advisor, working in primary school who inspires girls to study technology subjects
Secondary Teacher of the Year Secondary school teacher, or careers advisor, who inspires girls to study and/or start a career in technology
Inspirational Woman in Leadership A woman who is a leader in her field and making a significant impact on her business, and for technology in Scotland
Employer of the Year An organisation who has demonstrated consistent commitment to advancing the careers of women in technology and sponsors initiatives to address gender imbalance in the workplace
Gender Diversity Champion An individual who champions gender equality in education and/or industry
Technologist of the Year An outstanding technologist in her field, be it software engineering, invention, product management, start up founder. Someone who is making her mark on technology.
Technology Networking Group of the Year A special recognition awards for the voluntary groups operating in Scotland who offer support and more for women in technology
Lifetime Achievement Award A pioneering woman of Scotland with a lifetime of contributions to Technology in Scotland and beyond


The nomination process will begin on 1st August 2017 with the awards being launched on social media. The nominations will be advertised nationally on social media; our current reach across our network and representative companies is 30,000+ individuals in Scotland.

A panel of judges has been selected from some of the prominent members of technology in Scotland. Judges will receive a shortlist of nominees as decided by the Scotland Women in Technology Awards, and from their deliberation a list of final nominees for each category will be announced in October 2017.